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So, About Me….

Well, I worked hard, challenged convention and, through equal parts luck, hard work, and some good intuition, made more out of myself than I ever thought possible. And then, mid-stride of what was proving to be a long and very satisfying run with a major media company, I tripped. I didn’t fall and completely regained my balance, but it startled me.

It was then I reflected, “If I died tomorrow, would I consider my life a success and well-lived?” Hmmm, personally and professionally successful, yes. But, well-lived? I thought of my 3-hour daily commute, social events skipped to tackle an email backlog, and proclamations that began “Someday, I´m going to…” No, not as well-lived I wanted to believe.

A couple years later, I was standing in an empty living room, soulmate of 15 years at my side, and four-legged rescue child at our feet, awaiting a taxi. In front of us, four suitcases, two bike bags, and Zoë’s travel crate. Our lives, packed. Outside, the “House for Rent” sign now simply said, “Rented.”

Our plan, to pen a new chapter in what was, to date, a well-received, but safe and meandering, comedy-drama-love story, was coming together.

Fast forward two years and I still find it a tad unbelievable we are legal residents of Barcelona, Spain; afraid to pinch myself as I may wake from this most splendid of dreams. But I do pinch, sometimes, just to be sure. And having had time to explore this deeply cultured, sometimes frustratingly complex, yet stunningly beautiful city, it’s clear we couldn’t have chosen a better destination.